Getting Around Bagan Myanmar


Transport around Bagan Myanmar

Bagan Taxi Information

Air-conditioned taxis are the most comfortable way to visit the temples, make trips around Bagan plus to and from the transportation hubs

Taxis can be booked for a full day, half day or an individual trip

Prices are cheapest when booked directly with the driver although hotels and travel agents can also arrange reliable transport for you

Expect to pay around 40+ USD for a full day or around 1 USD per kilometre for an individual trip

bagan taxi

Bagan Horse and Cart Information

Horse carts with driver can be rented for a full day, half day or an individual trip

Expect to pay half that of a taxi for this memorable and romantic form of transportation which is sadly starting to disappear due to the high running costs of buying feed for the horse and also the growing competition from the ubiquetous e-bikes that are gaining popularity

The carts provide protection from the elements especially the burning midday sun or torrential downpours depending on the season and the experienced drivers know both the best places to go, some of which are off the beaten track and also where to get that much needed snack or cold drink

Bear in mind that conversely they are slow and somewhat uncomfortable and can be dusty

horse and cart

Bagan E-Bike Information

Electric bicycles give the freedom of a regular bicycle without the same physical exertion and are now widely available for rent from businesses all over Bagan for around 8 USD per day depending on the condition which can vary greatly and should be checked carefully before agreeing to rent

Maps of the region showing all the main temples are widely available from hotels and guesthouses and it is easy to plan your own route and find your way although the main routes now have increasingly more motorised traffic which takes priority over those on two wheels

ebike bagan

Bagan Bicycle Information

For a couple of dollars good old-fashioned bicycles are also widely available for rent for those with the stamina

bike bagan

Bagan Hot Air Balloon Information

One of the most memorable and remarkable experiences one can have anywhere on the globe must be an early-morning balloon flight over Bagan


bagan balloon
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