Bagan Weather and Climate


Bagan Weather Forecast


Temperature In Bagan Myanmar

Bagan’s climate is relatively predictable with seasons changing each year at around the same time. It is mostly dependent upon the direction of the prevailing winds which bring in the summer monsoon rains from the South-West starting in May and continuing through to September. Although these months have the most rain it rarely rains all day but rather falls as a downpour which cools the air and sends visitors scurrying for cover waiting for the squall to pass overhead

The coolest months of November to February see the North-East monsoon bringing lovely dry days with very little or no cloud and little or no rain. During this part of the year the humidity is much lower making travelling around the temples a more pleasant experience although consequently there are more tourists at this time of year and also more dust stirred up if there is any wind

From March through to May the temperature and the humidity start to rise noticeably and by May rain in the late afternoon becomes a regular occurrence

Being in the tropics the temperature is relatively high throughout the year and the mercury can regularly top 40 degrees Celsius in March and April with the humidity topping eighty percent in the afternoon meaning taking on water throughout the day becomes very important to avoid dehydration


Sunshine And Rainfall in Bagan Myanmar

The rays from the sun in Bagan can be damaging if protection is not taken seriously. Exposed skin should be covered in a high factor sun cream to avoid burning

From November through to April there is very little rain and the small amount of rain that does fall is very welcome and needed

May to October sees the rainy season although it usually falls in heavy downpours interspersed with dry periods meaning there are very few totally wet days in Bagan. The wettest month is August but even in this month expect the days to have on average 5 hours of sunshine a day


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